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You have one life — this one. Right now.
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I work with women who have had or are experiencing a toxic or abusive relationship to shift from victim to confidently thriving.

My passion is to help courageous, feisty women who dare to successfully create a big, bold, ballsy life beyond the heartache and pain.

This is not an impossible dream. I’m going to help you make it happen. You will activate your life and unleash your potential! You will create and nourish a connection with yourself. You will let your life refresh and shine once again.

Do I Have a Toxic Relationship?

“Toxic” is not exclusive to physical abuse, name-calling or cheating. Toxic also represents mentally, physically, and emotionally unhealthy relationships. When you don’t feel valued by someone, you are experiencing subtle bullying: a toxic relationship.

A toxic relationship is not exclusive to spousal relationships. We can, and often do, experience toxic relationships with our friends, co-workers, bosses, neighbours, and children. And Ourselves.

Signs it’s Toxic:

  • You don’t feel free to speak your mind or say no or like something just because you have to put on a different face just to be accepted by that person.
  • Your authentic self is set aside.
  • The other person constantly puts you down as not good enough.
  • You’re feelings and opinions are shot down and you feel you aren’t heard.
  • Your behaviour is monitored and controlled. You don’t feel free to express your desires, needs and wants.
  • It’s all about them, always. It is never about you.

  • What if you could...

  • Believe in Yourself and Reclaim Your Amazing Spirit
  • Feel Confident being Authentically You in Every Possible Way
  • Breathe New Life into Your Desires and Passions
  • Live your Live to the Fullest in the Present Moment
  • Put the Past Behind You: Where it Belongs
  • Be Excited About Writing and Living a New Glorious Chapter in Your Life
  • Live a Big Bold Ballsy Life

  • Are you ready to:

    Break through your limitations and self-sabotage?
    Move out of your pain, sadness, and disappointment?
    Tap into your confidence and independence to create the life you imagine?
    Take charge of yourself and reclaim your life?
    Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Accept yourself. Be Good to Yourself?

    You deserve all that… and more.

    Imagine: YOU… living a big bold ballsy life filled with joy, love, health and authenticity!
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