Susan Ball, Toxic Relationship Recovery Coach

Big Changes + Bold Steps = Blissful Life

No matter where you are now, or what you’re going through, you can create a life you love. You can reclaim your free spirit and shine. I would be honoured to support and encourage you on your journey to Big + Bold + Blissful!


Right Now, you've split from your tormentor and you feel like your heart has been ripped out of your chest. It hurts - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Everything Hurts! You feel torn apart, used, and valueless.


It's over and you're happy about that but the pain that you're experiencing seems unmanageable. Right now you're wondering if the empty feeling will last forever. If you will ever heal and feel happiness again.

You Absolutely Can & Will:

Silence Your Inner Critic and Nourish Your Self-Love

Ignite Your Confidence and Spark Your True, Rebel Thriver

Breathe New Life into Your Desires and Passions

Live your Live to the Fullest in the Present Moment

Put the Past Behind You: Where it Belongs

Be Excited About Writing and Living a New Glorious Chapter in Your Life

Live a Big. Bold. Blissful. Life

Its time to reclaim your amazing spirit and breathe new life into your passions. Put the past behind you, where it belongs.

Its time to write a new glorious chapter in your life! Leave behind limitations and self-sabotage. You won’t need them on this new journey!

You deserve to love yourself, forgive yourself, and accept yourself. Starting now!
This is not an impossible dream. I am going to help you make it happen!

I am Susan Ball, and I work with women experiencing or recovering from a toxic or abusive relationship. My passion is to help courageous women live beyond the heartache and pain.

Together, we will tap into your confidence and independence to create the life you imagine!


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